Only Fools Rush In

Underdogs who overdo, introverts who outperform, madmen with plans that are just crazy enough to work. Routinely criticized yet secretly admired, unhindered by social standing, communicating beyond the confines of cultural vogue and singing free of political rhyme. The greatly hated and the deeply loved. They are the narrators of our stories, the poets of our songs and the inventors of our dreams. "God bless fools be they dumb enough to change the world"



 About Us

On mountain tops, in valleys, forests and deserts, you'll find us out in nature. Gods creation is where we find answers and inspiration, so what better place to get lost. Our goal is to keep you geared up and invigorated as you bring your questions into the great unknown. 


Our Coffee

I never serve anything I wouldn't serve my own Mama, and well, Mama loves our coffee. Sourced responsibly, roasted thoughtfully and shipped fresh. Contrary to the 10 month expiration date on the back of that bland brew at the market, roasted coffee has a peak freshness of about two weeks. That why we roast daily. Curious what fresh coffee tastes like? Enjoy any of our blends and taste the difference.